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What You Should Be Aware Of When Engaging In Affiliate Marketing


The digital marketing world is ever-changing and dynamic. There are always new game changing technologies being introduced and all we can do is stay up to date with it all and learn as much as we can. The days of thinking affiliate marketing was just a way to sell nutritional supplements are gone. Now, it’s become all about digital marketing strategy for companies all over the world.

Here are a few trends to watch out for if you are thinking of going into business for yourself.

Influencer Marketing is Only Getting Bigger

The increase and rise of influencer marketing has gotten bigger over the years. There is a large number of people searching for different content online and trusting these unique blends of people who are rather knowledgeable in regard to what they search for. The interest in this marketing has grown over the last few years. There are various reasons for influencer marketing. One is that bloggers and influencers are creating their own content. They are creating content vigorously about shopping behaviors and brands they have used.

To help you manage your influencer marketing campaign effectively, consider the following:

  • Know what you want to achieve
  • Build relationships with people
  • Give them content to work with
  • Set aside a budget for your campaigns

Voice Search Holds Greater Significance

With the adoption of smart devices include Alexa and Google Home, voice search has gained quite the amount of popularity. Studies have shown that this year alone half of all searches will be done using voice search. This trend is expected to continue rising. Also, about 30% of web browsing won’t be carried out on typical screens, but done using these smart devices, but third-party tools. With these voice-assisted devices growing in popularity, you’ll need to redesign your approach.

Data Dominated Approaches Will Win

Did you know that about 90% of the world’s data has been accumulated over the last few years? So what does this mean to you as an affiliate marketer?

  • Define what your specific KPIs are. They might be metric such as clicks, impressions, or even sales. These are the numbers your marketing activities should line up with.
  • Why isn’t your marketing strategy performing as well as it should? You might need to adjust your bidding some.
  • Look at data from a few different angles. This might just be what you need to draw newer and more insightful conclusions.

Mobile First Approaches are Key

Everyone these days is turning to their mobile devices. In 2018, mobile phone users were at 3.7 billion! Mobile adoption is only going to continue to rise. So, here are some steps you can take to get going:

  • Make sure your website is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Create ads for mobile users. Mobile phones have accounted for about 64% of search links. If your ads are mobile-friendly you will grow your business and impressions.

Affiliate marketing can be a rather lucrative market to get involved in as long as you can approach it the right way. These tips can help you approach it at an angle that’s going to allow you to meet the needs of more users, especially mobile users.

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