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The Essential Guide To Using Video To Draw Business On The Web


It has been proven in the United States that there are more broadband internet users compared to dial-up. That being the case, media that requires high bandwidth is now more readily available to anyone who wants to download it.

A medium that is still relatively new is using video presentations to market your products and services. While photos do provide a potential customer with a view of the product or service at hand, video commands much more attention. It delivers a multimedia experience to the viewer that demands attention. Also, the power of a moving image with audio over plain text is indisputable.

However, certain things are appropriate for video while others are not.

A very good use of video on the internet would be to sell real estate. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but you can’t exactly walk through a house via photos alone. Video will allow the potential home buyer to tour the home before they visit to pique interest. A use of video that would not work would be something that would not help sell the product at all. For example, if you were selling paint, using video would not enhance a paint’s color or texture. A photo would be much more appropriate.

If you are selling a product on the internet, explore ways to use video to show off your product or show people how to do things with your product. Encoding the video into Flash will make the video easily viewed by almost everybody online. It is important, though, that you pay attention to the quality of the production. While the video has a lot of power, it can work against you if the video looks amateur.

In the very near future, the internet and television will not have any separation. As of now, major providers of services are offering plans that physically deliver television through the internet. This is an untapped medium for advertising that is sure to be a big hit.

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