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Reasons Why You’re Bombing Sales Calls


When it comes to running a successful online business, perfecting sales calls is so important. It either makes or breaks your business. If you aren’t converting your calls, you aren’t making money at all. Something needs to change if you find yourself running into this problem.

You might find that customers will reject your call for a number of reasons. This can be that  they simply don’t need or want what you’re offering or it just might not benefit them like it may benefit others.

Here are a few reasons you might be bombing these sales calls.

You Care Way Too Much

You get a lead through your email or other means of contacting you, and you decide to reach out to the interested customer. Clearly, they want what you have right? That’s why they reached out to you. You’re so excited and can’t wait to get them on a call and explain the many benefits of your product or service.

But, because you know they are interested, you focus so much on landing them as a customer that you start to depend on them to buy from you. You start caring too much and then if you are let down, you take it to heart. When you care too much pressure becomes high and that causes you to not be yourself which is what wins people over.

What’s Their Real Problem?

Sometimes you find yourself on a sales call and the customer will understand the ins and outs of what you are offering them. But other times you get on a call and the customer has a hard time understanding you and your type of business. Sometimes they understand the business but don’t understand how your products or services will benefit their life.

If the sales call is near the end and the lead isn’t ready to purchase from you, explain to them how having your product or service will benefit their life. Explain what it can do for them and how using it will improve their particular problem. By doing this you help them see that what you are offering is going to help make their problem a lot easier to manage.

Too Much Info

What’s the main purpose of a sales call? It’s not to tell your customers exactly what to do. It’s not a time to tell the customer what you are going to do for them either. Make sure you leave them hanging on and eager to find out what they can use your product for. Keep them interested enough that they take your bait and buy what you have to sell. You don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information that they are left more confused than when you initially got them on the phone.

Asking the Wrong Questions

This is probably one of the biggest reasons you’re bombing sales calls; asking the wrong questions! To be able to land a new customer you need to dig down and find out what the right questions are to ask. Get answers from your potential customers to be able to market your product the right way.

Rather than saying: “What do you want on your website?”

Consider asking: “What goals do you have in place for your business?”

If you find yourself struggling from getting through a sales call and converting a lead, you are probably doing one or more of the above mentioned. It can take some time to master a sales call, but with some time and patience, is a skill that you too can soon master.


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