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Interesting Ways You Can Enjoy Your Daily Sip Of Coffee


There are few things that are better than that morning cup of Joe. And, there’s nothing better than experimenting with your coffee to find a new way to drink it. When the weather is cooler, there’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee. But, in the hotter months, a warm cup of coffee might not be what you want. Here are some summer ways you can use to enjoy your coffee while staying cool.

Coffee Slushie

This has become a favorite way for people to cool down in the summer. Get your caffeine fix this summer with a flavored coffee slushie. This is an easy and super fun way to get that morning caffeine fix in on a hot and sunny morning. You can even give it a boozy twist with some bourbon, rum, or whiskey. This also works great with hot chocolate or lattes.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Everyone loves a nice cup of coffee even iced, but no one enjoys that pale brown water left at the bottom of your cup after the ice has melted in your cup. That’s why people everywhere are making coffee ice cubes. You can use your favorite brew of coffee with these and enjoy them on a hot summer day to get your caffeine fix in.

Coffee Ice Pops

Your freezer can become your best friend this summer to help beat the heat. You can make coffee pops to beat the summer heat this year. Ice pops don’t have to be for kids alone. Adults deserve a treat as well that not only will taste good but will have that extra kick of caffeine to give you the energy boot only coffee can give you.

Ice Cream Float

What a great concept this has become! Many adults enjoy ice cream floats, and what better way than to incorporate your favorite coffee flavor to it as well. Simply brew your favorite coffee, allow it to cool and drop a scoop of ice cream into your cooled cup of coffee.

Coffee on Nitro

While some people don’t want to make their own nitro iced coffee, consider heading down to your local coffee shop to give this drink a shot. It’s a cup of cold brew with nitrogen gas. When combined together, the beverage gets pressurized and then stored in a keg where it’s then dispensed for your enjoyment.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

This is a hot trend of coffee regardless of the time of year. What a sweet way to get your coffee fix in no matter what time of day it is.

Café Affogato

This is a great coffee dessert drink. This drink is a scoop of ice cream that’s drowned with espresso. This drink combines perfect aesthetics and taste by incorporating cinnamon sticks and an orange peel which is great for summer evenings.

These are just some of the ways you can summarize your coffee. Who doesn’t love coffee right?! Now you can drink it even on a warm summer day without getting warm inside from drinking a warm beverage.

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