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How Healing Crystals Reduce Anxiety


Turning to crystals can be a great way to help reduce your anxiety and depression. When they are used in conjunction with meditation, for instance, the benefits can be even more amazing. If you find yourself having unsettling feelings, there are several different stones that you can add to your collection to help. While there are hundreds to choose from, there are some that seem to be a little better and more efficient.


This stone can also be referred to as “The Stone of Light” and can help calm the mind from panic attacks. If you find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed in any way, this royal blue rock can help alleviate it. Simply put it in your bag or purse for a comforting energy great for helping you from becoming overly emotional. Are you having trouble self-expressing yourself as well? This stone can also help stimulate your self-confidence and self-expression. Keep it close to you at times you feel nervous about sharing thoughts or feelings to anyone.


Regarding true health and wellness, there really isn’t a quick fix to do. However, with the Kyanite stone it becomes a little easier. This is a great stone to use if you meditate. It helps to immediately center the body’s chakras and is great for spiritual grounding. Spiritual vibrations can help release unwanted feelings including fear, anger, frustration, stress, and others. It can help you connect with your inner wisdom as well. It doesn’t hold on to negative energies and therefore requires no cleansing. That’s one less thing in life you need to stress about cleaning.


Not getting enough sleep is probably one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety. Several people have a hard time falling asleep at night and this can be stressful. If you suffer with sleep problems, consider tucking away Howlite under your pillow to help with insomnia and to calm a racing mind. Howlite can teach patience, wisdom, and can also help resolve feelings of stress and anger. It’s also known for shielding you from negative energy.


Happen to be a stressed out mom? Get your hands on a creamy Moonstone, which is great for childbirth, fertility, pregnancy, and anything else related to motherhood. This gem is believed to help with relieving stress, stabilizing emotions, and heightening intuition. Furthermore, if you’re looking to rebalance your mood or if you’re feeling off kilter some days, meditate with this stone.

Rose Quartz

This stone is known as the unconditional love stone. Rose Quartz is said to attract and even inspire love and more emotional harmony. If you’re stressed, it’s hard to care for yourself which is so important. Keep a piece of this stone on your nightstand or even next to your bathtub to serve as a reminder to take some “me time” for yourself.


This stone has become a must in today’s world. This stone has been known to invoke miracles, and can serve as a shield rom electrical magnetic fields. These are often times emitted by computers, phones and any other electrical device you can think of. This stone is great for stressful environments which can include the workplace. Keep a Shungite on your desk, in your car, on the nightstand at home, and anywhere else you want to guard yourself against harmful energy.


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