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Here Are Ways On Dealing With Debt Without Getting Into A Loan Pit!


More than half of the population spends more than they actually earn monthly. There have been studies done that show people use credit to bridge their gap. This is why so many people are in debt and why it’s so easy to believe. For those of you who are in debt you might be looking for ways to get out of it without having to use credit cards or other loans. Owing so much money can be frustrating and overwhelming, but here are some tips to get out of debt faster while using the money you earn and avoiding loans.

Pay More Than the Minimum Amount

Whether you have credit card debt, student loans or other personal loan debt you should always pay more than the minimum amount due. This can help you pay them down a lot sooner and this can help you save on interest charges through the life of the loan. The payoff process will be quicker as well.

Snowball Method

The debt snowball method is great for those of you who are looking to pay more than the minimum on your loans or credit cards, this might be a good method to consider. This can speed the process up and build momentum as well.

Make a list of all your debt from smallest to largest. Throw your money to the lowest balance first and make minimum payments on your larger balances. Once the smallest balance is paid off go to the next smallest balance, and so on.

Your small balances should disappear little by little freeing up money to pay off the larger balances. This will allow you to pay off your debt faster and free up a little bit more money every month until all of your balances are paid off.

Get a Side Hustle

What better way to pay off debt than to bring in more money to put towards those debts? Everyone has something they are good at and that can be put towards something t hat can make you money. You can babysit, mow lawns, do virtual assisting, clean houses, etc. This is a great way to monetize and earn some additionally income. Use these funds to put towards your debt immediately to help pay things off a lot sooner.

Create a Budget

If you’re really looking to pay down debt a lot faster, consider making a budget and sticking to it. Get rid of any extra expenses such as eating out, entertainment, and other unnecessary expenses. This will help free up money to save or throw towards debts to pay them off faster.

Get Rid of What’s Not Needed

Do you have clothes or other items lying around the house that you could live without? Consider selling these items for some extra cash. You can have a good ol’ garage sale to get rid of things that are no longer needed around the home to drum up some money to pay down debt faster. If you can’t do a garage sale, there are consignment shops that will buy your items and several online classified sites.

It’s easy to put off paying off debt, but chances are that you want to get out. No matter the type of debt you are in-credit card, personal loan, student debt, car loan-there is a way out. While it won’t happen overnight, these tips can help get you started.

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