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Continue Paying For Your Life Needs Without A Loan


There are many people that think they can’t live a lavish lifestyle without taking out loans, however this isn’t the case. There are ways to live a life without credit cards or loans and here are some ideas to help you live that life.

Have an Emergency Fund

Many people use credit cards for emergencies. Instead, consider using the money you aren’t using for bills to build up a healthy savings fund. That way when something unexpected comes up you aren’t adding more debt to your life. Living without a credit card can be risky for some but having a strong emergency fund can help out.

Save for Your Goals

Once you have your emergency fund saved up, save for what you really want. Are you eyeing a new car? You can finally save up for that down payment it requires. Are you looking to travel to an exotic place? Consider saving up for that getaway with your partner you two have been talking about. Decide on what your highest goal is and work towards it without having to go in more debt by putting it on credit cards.

Get Yourself a Debit Card

If there are times you need a card to purchase things online, get a debit card if you don’t already have one. This means in order to buy something you need to have the money first off so you don’t go in debt buying things you can’t afford. This is something most people do. They use credit cards until they are maxed out and then they have even more debt with no way to pay it off.

Earn Interest

With credit cards you waste money paying on the interest. It can eat away at your finances, so instead, make your money work by considering investing it. With compound interest, investments grow over time and this means you are now earning interest instead and it’s multiplying.

Pay Cash for a Car

If you have been using loans to buy cars, consider stopping this right now! Some people think it’s impossible to pay cash for a car, but in fact it can be done. Instead of making loan payments and paying double for what the car is worth, you can make savings account deposits to save up money. Paying cash for a car saves money every month on car insurance as well as a car payment. This money can be put to something else.

Travel Without Cards

Most people believe you can’t rent a car or pay for a hotel room without a credit card, when in fact you can. You can rent a hotel with a cash deposit, it might just take some research to find out what ones will offer this. Same with cars. There are many car rental places, that will work with cash, you just have to do some digging trying to find them.

These are just a few of the ways you can save money without having to live your life with credit cards and loans. Saving money is easier when you don’t have credit card debt, so consider cutting them up right away.

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