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Business 101: How To Stay Focused On Profits


Is your business laser-focused? Here are three strategies to target your profits…

One of the great traps that Internet entrepreneurs fall into is losing focus.

With all the money-making products, opportunities, and affiliate programs available on the Internet today, it becomes more and more difficult to decide on a singular aim and stick with it.

However, it has been proven in marketing for years that repetition and consistency are the keys to establishing confidence in your customers. This confidence, in turn, is the key ingredient they need in order to buy from you.

As a result, changing directions, products, messages, even look-and-feel too will often alienate your customers before you even get started.

Focus is the key to avoiding this trap.

However, there is a problem. Most budding Internet entrepreneurs flat-out don’t know whether the product they have or the marketing efforts they undertake are (a) working or (b) even likely to work. This makes it difficult and worrisome to stay focused on the plan if they don’t see results immediately

This is where effective Idea planning can save the day.

You need to know 3 things about your business idea in order to stay focused on it confidently:

You need to know that your product meets a well-defined customer need and that they want your solution

You need to know how to reach your customers in a way that your business can afford

You need to know exactly what steps to take to make it happen, and what to watch for to make sure it’s working.

Fortunately, there is an easy step-by-step way to do this.

First, you define who your target market is and how your solution helps them.

Second, you define simple, measurable ways to reach that market. Remember the three key pillars of fast and profitable marketing:

  1. Effective use of pay-per-click instant traffic
  2. Using e-zine ads and articles to broaden your reach
  3. Using Joint Ventures for instantaneous sales

Third, you check the following key variables as your plan progresses, to tell you how to expand or adapt your roll-out for maximum profits:

  1. Number of visitors to your sales page
  2. Number of subscribers to your mailing list
  3. Number of sales resulting from the visitors to your sales page

Following these three steps consistently is all it takes to airlift your business to higher ground. The steps are not guesswork. They’re common sense, and they work.

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